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Sales, purchases, vendor management, GL transactions

Our accounting module is feature-rich for global application of financial management for small and complex businesses. The modules are designed to grow with your business.

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Whether you are a small or large-sized manufacturer, we serve you!

Job orders, inventory, suppliers, WIP, product costs

Coordinate your production planning, raw material sourcing, vendors, inventory, and real-time information coordination of manufacturing activities.

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Know your cash and bank balances at a glance!

Multi-currency Bank accounts, cash accounts, petty cash, corporate cards

Setup all your bank and cash account and see your cash balance in real-time. There is no need for manual calculation; GLOCON provides you insights into your cash flow.

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Manage your most valuable resources, your personnel, with GLOCON ERP

Emplyees, Job specification, Benefits & Entitlements, Payroll

Manage your personnel by using GLOCON to take care of all your staff management needs. From on boarding to payroll management, to employee income tax GLOCON has what it takes to grow with you.

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Do not waste time and money on projects, track cost and time real-time!

Project cost, timelines, project team, project closure & reporting

Setup and track your project delivery time, costs and progress real-time. Project reporting lets you compare project benchmarks with actual progress using visual dashboards

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Your assets provide a market value of your firm at any point in time

Fixed asset register, asset costing, Depreciation, asset salvage value.

Track your assets and its value in real-time. Get functions that help you depreciate your and report the current market value of your assets at any point in time.

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Make management decisions with real-time information

An intuitive dashboard to provide all the information you need

As the business manager or entrepreneur, information about your business is essential for planning and making projections into the future. Generate trial balance, GL reports, profit & loss reports, balance sheets, cashflow reports, bank and cash reports, supplier and customer reports, inventory reports, etc

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